Being one of the leaders in management and rental services-K&K INTERNATIONAL  can offer all possible services to property Owners.

We are in charge of the entire leasing process- from the property “take-on”, which includes property assessment and advice, advertising internationally and marketing campaigns-all this will guarantee prominent exposure, which results in securing good leases.

In addition, we protect our Owners in many ways – most notably through our lease agreement , including the full inventory of the property and the policy to hold the rental deposit in thrust. As a part of our duties is the legal requirement to protect the owner’s interests against damages to the property caused by the tenets and a full and proper screening and testing of applicant’s credibility and rental history.

K&K INTERNATIONAL is an expert in residential and villa rentals and we are able to offer advice to landlords regarding their investment properties ,increasing the rental income and value of the property.

K&K INTERNATIONAL  establishes rental rate by studying local rental rates, calculating overhead costs, taxes, depreciation and profit goals.

During the tenants stay any issues- electrical, plumbing problems, extra cleaning of the garden or swimming pool…and chefs or stewardesses ,security services require….all this will be offered !

As we know, rental services  are not just about “Meet&Greet’ the clients or deliver the rent to the owners- it involves a property maintenance.

We can offer a complete year round property maintenance services – whether the property needs some renovation work – painting, electrical or building work, garden&pool cleaning ,general repairs…-we will take care of it  and will report to the Owner on a daily basis.

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